Raw 2017

In the Spring of 2017, Images Magazine incorporated the theme “Raw” into the consideration process to while deciding what material to publish. “Raw” stood for the purest of human emotions personified through poetry, prose, artwork, and photography.

Also, for the first time in its history, Images was incorporated into a class curriculum to provide experiential learning in editing and production to students of all backgrounds, not just English majors. 19 poets and prose authors, 7 artists, and 4 photographers were chosen out of the 120 submissions received. The 2017 issue was credited as “one of the best, if not the best, issues of Images to date” - FLC Professor Steve Meyers.

"This issue of Images was every emotion on the human spectrum embodied in black and white type and color ink, and came together into this little booklet that proved even the most complicated of human experiences could be captured in a single phrase or picture. I am so thankful to our contributors for sharing their work, and I am proud of our staff for the amount dedication and passion they put into this issue. I’m excited to see what our next issue holds.

Katie Hankinson Images Co-Editor 2017


  • Harvey & Paula Deutsch
  • Dr. Bob & Penny Harrington
  • Ann Korologues Gallery
  • Steve & Debbie Meyers

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