Fall 2017 Competition - Unkempt

Our theme this semester was Unkempt, which is defined as “(especially of a person) having an untidy or disheveled appearance.” Synonyms include untidy, messy, scruffy, disordered, rumpled, windblown, ungroomed, bedraggled, or in a mess.

We selected works based on how haphazard they felt. How well a piece resembled people and concepts that were whole, but still scattered and all over the place. Something that made sense, but also did not make any sense at all. We felt the winners best met this theme with their own unique interpretations of the theme. The winning pieces are featured below, and they will also appear in our Spring 2018 issue. Congratulations to all finalists and winners, and thank you to everyone who submitted!

The Images Fall 2017 Contest Winners are:

  • Fiction: Kept Unknown, Kayla Cata  
  • Creative Nonfiction: Hey Oprah! Santa Isn’t Real, Now Bum Me a Cigarette: An Inebriated Precursor to Inevitable Alcoholism, Marshall Dunham
  • Poetry: Bill Me, Rachael Ruff
  • Art: Cube Face, Matt Lawrence
  • Photography: Glitter Eyes, Regan Umberger