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Submissions for our fall print edition are now open to Fort Lewis College students, alumni, and faculty! This semester’s theme is RUCKUS. We accept prose, poetry, digital art, photography, music, and anything else your creative minds are working on. To submit, head to our SUBMISSIONS page.

Submissions close October 12th at 11:59 PM. From now until then, keep raising a ruckus!

A disturbance or a commotion. The old man can hear very little these days, but he can hear those damned kids outside causing a ruckus. Do the people living next to the baseball stadium mind the fireworks, exploding in a cacophony of color? The shouts on the street are so loud they can’t possibly ignore the noise. It’s causing all of their heads to turn, staring in amazement, wonder, delight, disgust, and horror; Elvis Presley caused it with a swivel of his hips. It’s civil disobedience, harmless chaos, raising hell—raising a ruckus.






Contributors provide written, photographic, and artistic work submitted by a diverse group of students from Fort Lewis College available for you to read and enjoy.


We publish thought provoking and artistically driven work that represents the student population at Fort Lewis College. Each piece will require you to reflect on your own experiences.


We encourage all readers and contributors to imagine a world filled with stories and ideas, created by like-minded college students through imagination and creativity.


Every year Images Magazine is open for submissions, and publishes content created by students for students. Are you an aspiring writer, photographer, or artist, and a students at Fort Lewis College? Then submit today!

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